Córdoba San Rafael Dialysis Centre

Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Córdoba has been a centre of great cultural activity throughout history. Its historical centre is a World Heritage Site. Capital of the Caliphate, it experienced the splendour of the Umayyad period and is home to monuments such as the Mosque -La Mezquita-, Medina Azahara and the Fortress -Alcázar-, and is famous for its flowered decorated patios. People who were born here include Séneca, Averroes, Maimónides, Juan de Mena and Luis de Góngora.


Stations: 36

Shifts: 5

Equipment: Fresenius 4008S/ B/ H

Treatment method: HD, OnLine HDF


Opening hours

Monday- Wednesday – Friday: 7am– 11:30pm

Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday: 7am – 6pm




Córdoba San Rafael Dialysis Centre

Avda. de la Fábrica, Esquina a C./ Julio Arteche 1

14005 Córdoba